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Candle Meets Art

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Candle Meets Art
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Candle Meets Art..

"Ever since I knew myself, I have always been a very emotional, sensitive and romantic woman.

This has always been the reason why I have always been interested in writing poetry and literature and music. And by nature, I've always been good with candles.

The light and smell of the candle have always attracted me. Every evening I like to turn off the lights partially and sit by candlelight and listen to music.

These hours have always been my own hours of the day when I am alone with myself. Some time after the earthquake, because of my love for candlelight, I took online candle training and learned how to make candles.

First, I decorated it in bowls with figures such as flowers, butterflies, bees. After a while, I started to make female figures and candlesticks called Laydy girls in the world of Tors sculpture or candle world, which is the symbol of art and aesthetics, by bringing molds. I combined my eagerness to make candles with the figures in art and started to reflect my love for art on candles.

I enjoy making soy candles tremendously and forget about everything. It is a great motivation for me because I love to produce and work. Making and producing artistic figures and small sculptures with soy wax is incredibly enjoyable and satisfies my curiosity and passion for art.

As it is known, I am also a physics teacher and a columnist for Adanahaber and Türkhaberler. It gives me pleasure to be a woman who works and produces. Instead of sitting in a corner and producing gossip, I am proud to engage in and produce a number of useful hobbies, and in this sense, I am appreciated and envied by my environment.

Soy candle making, which first started as a hobby, turned into a passion for me over time and became an indispensable source of pleasure and enjoyment for me. To reach my "instagram account", which is my mum instagram address; You can follow Reels videos and stories where I visually explain how I make soy candles, gel candles and candles that I regularly actively share every day.

I think everyone should take up these and similar hobbies for themselves and put them into practice. Especially when they retire, they should continue to produce and work instead of sitting at home, coming to terms with the past and waiting for death. Because as long as people produce and work, they can remain younger, more dynamic and healthier both physically and spiritually. This hobby can be making candles, being a columnist, like I do, or playing an instrument, reading a book, painting, music.

As long as one discovers the joy of working and producing, and the aspect that keeps man alive and connects him to life. Have days and years when you work, produce and spread positive energy to your environment. Stay with love." M.Özlem ERDOĞAN "Click to reach my Instagram account"

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