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The big trap set for the president

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The big trap set for the president
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The big trap set for the president

What is left of the elections over and over again? Even if the earthquake has made the election date controversial, it is expected to be held in the first half of this year. A postponement decision by the government may cause internal and external reactions.

No matter how large the dimensions of the earthquake are, an excuse in this direction will not be satisfactory.

The work of the government is really difficult in this sense.

Erdogan is not just fighting the opposition to become president for a second time. On the one hand, it is struggling with the Nation Alliance, and on the other hand, it has to fight the antipathetic actions of public/semi-public institutions.

Ankara-based 'Brutes' are trying to "showcall" Erdogan's big goal.

All kinds of unjust sanctions, from the fines imposed by the traffic police to controversial court decisions, can be reflected on the AK Party government as reactions and anger.

The General Assembly of the Press Announcement Authority, (BİK for short), recently met and took some decisions.

The general assembly, which consisted entirely of daily newspapers,  struck the Anatolian press, which was trying to stand with a thousand difficulties, from the bottom of its heart.

Not only the local press, but also the internet media, which is happy to have gained the identity of a journalist, has also made a fuss.

Not only the official advertisements given to daily newspapers such as Sabah, Hürriyet and Yeni Şafak with millions of liras, but only for religious and national holidays, perhaps for three to five thousand liras that are likely to come from municipalities;

The waiting period of 2 years + the sum of the insurance and salary (564 thousand liras) to be paid to at least two idea workers for 24 months is enough to perform our funeral prayer and read the fatiha is even more than enough.

How to get under all this financial burden? Only by sitting in the lap of big capital groups or the mafia!

When this is the case , won't all the arrows pointed at the end turn to power? Where and how will the media organizations expressed in thousands across the country seek the remedy?

Underestimating the thousands of local newspapers and internet media across the country would have made the mistake of his life. Oh beware!

Mr. Erdogan must see the facts as soon as possible and urgently realize the trap that has been set up.

Even if BİK does not take this decision with this intention, I cannot even imagine otherwise; It is obvious that Mr. Erdogan will indirectly harm his presidential goal.

The friend says painfully.

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